Blue Mountains Australia

The Blue Mountains located in south eastern part of New South Wales are neither mountains nor blue in colour. These are the leftovers of a plateau shaped and carved by rivers which flowed through this area millions of years ago. It is in a way Australia’??s version of the Grand Canyon. The blue colour comes from the tint of haze caused by the droplets from the vegetation which drapes over this canyon during certain times of the year. Blue Mountain is actually a part of five national parks. The other four are Wollemi, Gardens of Stone, Nattai and Kanangra-Boyd. The total areas of these parks are 3850 square miles and it begins at the western edge of Sydney.

These wonderful natural parks are filled with all of natures??s wonders such as, waterfalls, cliffs, gorges, and blue hazed valleys. Believe it or not, there are areas in the Blue Mountain in which no man has ever set foot in. This will give you an idea as to how secluded and wild some of the area is. Australian aborigines have been traversing some parts of the Blue Mountain range for at least 20,000 years, despite the fact the area can be very confusing to walk around in! In fact when the first European settlers came to this area they relied on the natives to navigate around the place. Today there are many roads and trails, 79 of them tottaling approximately a 100 miles, in which hikers can walk around in and soak in the natural beauty of this wonderland. The treks are categorized according to the skill and fitness level of the person taking it.