Changing phone number – checklist for Australia

Brisbane City Queensland Australia

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the nation, you need to let some people and organisations know about your new address in order to avoid missing out on some important documents during the relocation process.

A change of address checklist can be a great way to ensure you don’t forget some things during your move. Nonetheless, it is important to customise your change of address checklist to meet your specific needs. This usually includes changing phone number.

It is certainly a requirement for everyone to inform various government authorities about the change of address. These authorities may include Medicare, Electoral Role, Centerlink and your driver’s licence. Obviously, you should also notify your family and friends that you are changing phone number due to your imminent move.

Your checklist should include all the important authorities, memberships and companies that you need to inform about your address change. Otherwise, you can visit the Australia post website to redirect your mail and to manage change of address notifications to certain organisations.

Here is a great example checklist which includes the most important offices, memberships and organisations that you should notify of any address change:

Australian Electoral Commission
Australia Post retail outlet (apply to have your mail redirected)
ATO (Australian Tax Office, Tax returns, small business licences)
ASIC – Australian Securities and Investments (If you own company)
Welfare (Centrelink)
Departments for driving licenses and car registrations
Local library membership
Council rates, registrations and memberships
Medicare / Doctors / Hospital / Dentist / Health insurance
Electricity account
Gas account
Pay TV
School / work
Financial / accountant / banks
Family and friends
Gym memberships
Insurance (car, house, home and contents etc)
Store memberships and loyalty programs
E-tags, tolls, mechanic
Pet microchip registry
Catalogues Subscriptions
Superannuation memberships

Brisbane City Queensland Australia
Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia (photo: Oksana)