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Paint a picture. Write a poem. Take a photography class. Why? Because you’d be amazed at what a little creativity does for your human spirit. You don’t have to be a professional artist to be creative. So many people have discovered the simple pleasures of creating something that wasn’t there before and the wonderful surprises that come along with it.
Just because we grow up physically doesn’t mean that we have to stop growing. Our perspectives and feelings on life can keep growing with every day that passes. Getting in touch with your creative side allows that growth to happen. It perpetuates a desire and passion that we may not have known possible. Someone who has always worked with machinery may find that they can create incredibly artistic works by using mechanical parts in a different way than they were intended. A person who loves gardening can find that there are a million things you can do with flowers other than simply growing them. When we realize that the world around us is an endless array of creativity just waiting to happen, our lives become enriched with a feeling of hope and inspiration. Our eyes can see the possibilities in the everyday commonalities. Then, we grow on the inside and our horizons expand beyond our own belief. You may take a pottery class and come away with a joy you didn’t know you had. You might stumble upon a creative writing group that inspires you to tell your own story like no one else can tell it. There’s so much out there to partake it and learn from.
Creativity is at the heart of life. Drawings, pictures, and stories can all be much more than a result, but rather a process of getting from what we were to who we really are. An act as simple as writing down our thoughts and feelings may lead to a world born out of imagination. It’s that imagination, that creativity, that can give us a view on life that keeps us moving and makes us happy.


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