Discover Tasmania

Discover Tasmania – Australia’s Hidden Island State

Part of mainland Australia some 20-30,000 years ago then isolated by flooding at the end of the Ice Age, Tasmania was an aboriginal homeland until discovered by Dutch explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman (1642). Explorer James Cook claimed Australia for the English (1777) adding Tasmania in 1788. In 1856 the island was renamed Tasmania from the original Dutch name (Anthoony Van Dieman’s Landt). It’s capital city of Hobart (founded 1804) is the second largest city in Australia.

At 68,322 square kilometers (26383 square miles), this heart shaped island is the size of Ireland, Switzerland, or the state of West Virginia in the United States. Between 40-44 degrees latitude the notable winds that breeze across the island are known as the “Roaring 40’s”. The climate generally is mild and cool and produces exotic fruits, delicious produce, and a rising wine industry.

Tasmania is an essential part of today’s Australian tourism. At approximately 240km south of the Australian coastline, tourist can get to Tasmania via many cheap flights originating from Melbourne.

Tourist can fill days with wine tasting some of the fine varietals now grown in country, delicious dinners, or long walks on the beach under starry nights. This beautiful location has numerous mountain peaks, undeveloped coast lines and wide open forests. Visitors can spend time occupying themselves by playing golf, hiking in the rainforest, white water rafting, kayaking along the coastline, scuba diving, hang gliding, rock climbing, or taking advantage of world class fly fishing. The forty percent of the island set aside for parks and reserves provides views of wombats, wallabies, pademelons and of course the Tasmanian Devil in the wild.

Whatever the pleasure, Australia and Tasmania in particular can provide the experience. So make plans to visit Tasmania by taking advantage of the many cheap flights Australia tourism has available.