Gift packaging

If you have ever received a present wrapped with pretty ribbons, then you know what a difference the right ribbon makes. You can use lovely pink ones for a girl or blue ones for a boy. Green and yellow are popular choices for a baby shower. For the man in your life, you can try a bold color combination like black and red. It’s fun to create different color combinations. The possibilities are virtually endless. Try purple and pink together for a fairytale birthday, purple and red for a royal flair, or yellow and green for a spring birthday.

When it comes to gift packaging, the only limit is your imagination. There’s really only one rule. You must add ribbons to your gift wrapping to make the present look finished and polished. A beautifully wrapped present looks bare and dismal without it. You can be creative with your wrapping. Don’t be afraid to try new things to make your present really stand out at a birthday party or baby shower. Sometimes the best part about a present is marveling at the way it was wrapped. The addition of ribbons to the package makes a gift much more exciting to look at and inviting to open.

Some people suggest using recyclable packaging that is a gift in itself. You can wrap a shirt or a sweater in a pretty scarf. You can wrap coffee mugs or bags of gourmet coffee with pretty kitchen towels. If you are giving beauty supplies like cosmetics, fragrances, lotions or bath oil, enclose them in a small reusable box. Using things like scarves and towels instead of wrapping paper is environmentally sound and minimizes waste. Just be sure to top each wrapped present with some pretty ribbons to give them style and secure them in place.