Gladstone region of Queensland

As an antidote to stress, the prescription might well read: Add one healthy dose of sub-tropical sunshine, a wide variety of water sports, an equal number of inland adventures, some ready access to a world-class ecological zone, and as much beach time and good provender as will do a body good.

Happily enough, the Gladstone region of Queensland has just such curative powers. Captain James Cook first visited Queensland by coming ashore in what is now the town of 1770. But although he surely enjoyed his beach stay, there is so much more to enjoy today–year round–in this region. Those passionate about water sports will enjoy fishing, boating, surfing and swimming; and day trips can provide adventures in snorkelling and diving amidst coral cays. The Great Barrier Reef is only a boat ride away. Watch for the marine life!

An exciting variety of national parks in the region open up 4-wheel driving, hiking, birdwatching, camping and caravaning opportunities. Kroombit Tops offers beautiful cliffs and intriguing flora and fauna; Eurimbula showcases coastal mangroves and tropical rainforest; and Deepwater is home to paperback and eucalypt forests, and a diverse amount of birdlife such as cockatoos and emus. Mount Castletower is found at the base of Lake Awoonga, and can challenge adventurers with its rugged terrain.

Heading into Gladstone? The Tondoon Botanic Gardens feature native specimens local to this and neighboring regions. Golfers can get their fix here, as well; culture enthusiasts can peruse the historical Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum, home to three different exhibition areas. The Gladstone Entertainment Centre also is a key sponsor of current culture.

Visitors getting hungry can catch a bite of the local seafood, such as the mud crab, and find other Aussie favorites, as well. And the choices don’t stop with the number of restaurants to choose from, either. Guests to the region can choose from a range of accommodations, including caravan parks, mid-price establishments, or four-star establishments.

Whether your dream holiday is to bask on beaches, or to recharge your energy by charging into new adventures, the Gladstone region is just what the doctor ordered!