Holiday in Australia: Victoria ~ Melbourne


Visit Australia-Victoria Destination-Melbourne

The sparkling city of Melbourne Australia rises beside the ocean. A fabulous example of the modern world, with a mixture of the Victorian stirred in for good measure. Nature is not far from this gorgeous city with its activities and cultural events. The city of Victoria, Melbourne is a cultural medley, all kinds of activities from food festivals to kicking back on the beach.

If you have a love for the extravagant Visit Australia-Victoria Destination-Melbourne is your destination and if you are a stickler for bargains you will find you have not taken a wrong turn. Try the Promontory and take in the views or allow yourself to splurge in one of Victoria’s get away Spa’s (recommended Spa Retreats Victoria). Don’t miss the Murray and Mungo National Park; learn of its aboriginal heritage.

In the mood for real adventure step into the world of the Goldfields and visit Sovereign Hills, feel the past of the gold rush days of Victoria. Visit the museums and note the architecture of the era, add an underground mining tour at Deborah Gold Mine. Feel what it must have been like to dig for gold. Soak up the beauty of Lake Wendouree and maybe picnic on one of Victoria’s home grown pies.

Take the opportunity to drive along the coast and take in the gorgeous scenery. Allow your curiosity to lure you into exploring the history of this beautiful city. Melbourne is filled with historical details and many scenic roads to help you see them. Don’t care for driving, take a Ramsey Street Tour and just sit back. Want to go deeper into Victoria, take a V-Line Train and go all over Victoria just step into Southern Cross Station.

Spend time at Mornington Peninsula here you can enjoy favorite water sports, stay at a lovely bed and breakfast and view a Melbourne sunset. Perhaps you like hiking, or rock climbing, there is plenty of this in Melbourne, Australia

Visit Australia- Victoria Destination- Melbourne, a city that will rival any in the world and more, it is progressive yet charming. There are many reasonable rooms for rent and the Melbourne Airport is conveniently located 25 minutes from the city. Victoria is a major stop for International Airlines and Ships. Visit Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, there is so much to do you may find yourself wanting to stay.

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