How to improve employees productivity

Effective Time Management

“You need to be more productive!!”… “Your productivity is 80%, it would be good if you work on it, for a better rating this quarter!!”…Aren’t these quite a common dialogues you listen at work place? Yes of course, be it Australia, America, UK, India and anywhere, the above statements never change. But, have you ever thought what productivity means and how to improve it for a better performance? Here you go.

Productivity is an average measure of the efficiency of production. Productivity is a ratio of production output to what is required to produce it. Confusing right? Lets think in a real work scenario.

In actual terms, productivity is a component which directly affects the company’s profits. It is the measure or calculation between inputs and outputs. Inputs are the time and effort spent on working and output are the outcomes/results. If the output are equivalent to the outputs the employee is considered productive. So, is that sufficient enough?. Is it enough for me to just be productive, I need to improve my productivity. How do I do it?

Lets discuss on few No No’s which are more vital for the managerial levels and some behaviors which hinder the employee productivity.

  • Micromanagement – Micromanaging and peeping to every minute thing an employee does will lower his confidence and thus disinterest him.
  • Closed room meetings for long hours – Having meetings without scheduling and exceeding the time of a scheduled meeting, will change the day planned by the employee and thus productivity.
  • Irrational thinking – Irrational though and unrealistic, poorly defined goals and objectives without logic will again hinder the productivity.

The above points are very important and need attention throughout the working phase, regardless of the project being new or stabilized and has a direct impact on the productivity of the employee.

Now, what are those which will boost the employee satisfaction and morale which in turn has a positive impact on productivity and the employee not felt to do more with less or even stressed out. The below has few important elements to hike the productivity and have a fantastic working environment.

Strongly defined goals and objectives – Goals and objectives needs to be REAL. It should be easily measured with no ambiguity or doubt. The goals need to written and rethought at good intervals depending on the employee progress. This helps the employee understand what exactly is expected of him and deliver the results accordingly. Lack of information definitely leads to assumptions and confusion and a lack of productivity in a workplace. If lack of understanding of goals and objectives is the culprit, ask more and apt questions, do relevant research and question yourself if you really know what is expected of you.

Motivation(Psychological aspects) – This aspect plays a very important role. A lot of psychological tabs and be pushed to motivate the team and thus increase the employee productivity. Most important are the 3 R’s – Recognize, Reward and Reach out. Recognize and reward the work done above and beyond. This will spur the employee to new heights and encourage the others to follow. Never miss reaching out to everyone who contributes directly or indirectly for the progress, which just shows that we really care for their well being.

Employee Engagement – An employee is engaged when he is completely engrossed in the work and are emotionally attached to the work environment and their organization. How can we ensure the employee is completely engaged? Explain and help the employee understand how much of his contribution is helping increase the profits of the company, which makes him feel accountable and responsible.

Strategic Rotation – Strategically rotate the tast between teams and team members and ensure that all the employees withing a project are capable enough to cover each other during crisis and make them responsible for each action or task delivered.

Having humanly human resource practices – Having good HR Practices which enables and makes the employee feel more comfortable definitely helps in boosting employee satisfaction and thus productivity.

Refresher sessions – Conducting refresher sessions, quiz and presentations on related topics will ensure the employee is completely equipped and confident to achieve the desired results.

Innovating and strong technology with proper resources – Ensuring that the employee is given the right technology with regular enhancements which is adaptable to the work being performed and proper resources will give extreme good support for an employee to contribute better.

Along with this, having an I C A R E Attitute will increase productivity and the morale and is the key to success for an employee and an employer.

I – Integration
C – Collaboration
A – Accountablility
R – Responsibility
E – Excellence

Let’s all ensure we follow these simple practices to have an employee perform better and an employer to expect right.

Effective Time Management