Moreton Island


Moreton Island is a large sand island located on east side Moreton Bay in Queensland, Australia. This vast island covers over 185 km of square miles and contains three small townships named Bulwer, Cowan, and Koorigal. There is also a large resort located on Moreton Island called Tangalooma, making it a popular attraction for tourists. This island contains a wide variety of habitats including: beaches, dunes, forests, salt marshes, streams, lakes, and swamps. Because of the diverse habitats found on this island there is also many forms of wildlife that can be seen when visiting there.
Moreton Island is an island that is full of history and culture. It is believed that people have been living on this island for over 20,000 years. There have also been over 200 sites of importance identified on this island, which has been especially significant to the descendants of the tribe Ngugi. Some of the historic sites that can be seen on this island include: the early settlement works, gravesites,and the World War 1 and 2 emplacements. One of the most significant things about this island was how it served as one of the coastal defenses during World War 1 and 2. Additionally, Cape Moreton Life house is also located on this island. It has been noted as the first lighthouse that was made from sandstone and it miraculously still operates today.

This is also a great place for people that are looking to take an adventorous vacation. There is so much to see, learn, and participate on this island. If a person enjoys fishing, he or she can fish for a wide variety of fish including: mackerel, tuna, flatheads, and beach jews. There is the option of going down the sandhills on a tobbogan boad for those who are seeking a thrill. For those who want to enjoy the underwater aquatic life, there is the option of going scuba. Additionally, there is no need to worry about the cleanliness of the water because it stays crystal clear year round. People may also go camping at one of the five campsites located on this island that are complete with toilets, showers, and places to have bbq and picnics.

There is so much that Moreton Island has to offer. If a person gets a chance to visit this amazing island, he or she can take it. It would truly be a one in a lifetime opportunity.