Mountain Biking Adventure and Action

Mountain Biking Adventure

Australia Is A Mountain Biker’s Dream

For cycle touring enthusiasts, there is no better destination than the vast and diverse expanse of the Australian Wilderness. Oz is a massively popular choice among touring cyclists across the globe – and for good reason. The beautifully maintained roads stretch right across this vast country, connecting an abundance of vibrant towns and cities in a network of potential adventure. Even more fun are the dirt roads that sprawl languidly between the main routes. These stunning routes offer panoramic views of unspoilt natural terrain that is perfect for the restless mountain biker.

The terrain is diverse and exciting, with trails for every discipline and passion. Dominate the climbs. Tear down hills with the wind in your vents and the sun on your back; reminding you of the country’s warm embrace. To the true mountain bike enthusiast, it is impossible to tire of this awe inspiring landscape.

Every skill level is catered for, from casual weekend riders who enjoy a wide road to the hardcore cross country warrior and the fearless downhill racers out for the next big line. The Australian passion of mountain biking is infectious due to the wealth of
friendly locals who are keen to show you where to ride. This is a country well worth the visit if you enjoy exploring on a mountain bike.

The enjoyment of mountain biking continues throughout this enormous country with all of the territories fully engaged in offering some of the most dazzling and exciting routes for the eager rider. Take your mountain bike to Tasmania for an authentic cross country experience that encompasses gorgeous beaches, mountainous regions and world class single tracks. You may prefer to stick to the mainland where you can feast your eyes on some of the most jaw dropping scenery as you meander from town to town. Explore forests, climb the steepest ascents and barrel your way through streams and rivers. There is a new challenge and a new experience to be had every day in this incomparably perfect mountain biking destination.

There is much to be seen in this beautiful and often surprising part of the world. My personal favourites are the Forrest Mountain Bike Trails that are found in Victoria. These high speed single tracks are groomed to deliver the biggest smiles possible. Swooping through the trees and whipping around berms here is the best feeling in the world. There really is nothing like Australian dirt to bring a smile to a rider’s dial.

Of course, in order to enjoy all of the beauties that Australia has to offer on a bike, you must own a mountain bike. I recommend a Cycling Deal mountain bike, this brand has never steered me wrong.