Old Style Fonts

Old style fonts are a popular choice among designers and editors because most are clear, recognizable and above all – easily readable. The fonts are usually based on old-fashioned hand lettering or stylized calligraphy written in pen and ink. As a result, the letters often feature curved strokes with lines that transition gently from thick to thin.

Older Typefaces, such as Times New Roman, Goudy Old Style, and Palatino Linotype, are a good choice on pages which feature a large amount of text, as they are considered easiest to read. However not all old style fonts are so traditional. Some are designed to be highly elaborate and ornate, making them ideal for designers creating an antique or period look. Calligraphic, baroque, or renaissance old style fonts like Chopin Script, Porcelain, and Old Script are particularly rich and decorative. However, because they feature exaggerated lines and curves, designers must be careful to ensure that text remains understandable.