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Queensland Southern Downs

The Southern Downs region of Queensland is an area of remarkable beauty where the visitor can do as much or as little as they please. (To learn more about Queensland’s Southern Down visit www.southerndowns.qld.gov.au) It is a prime agricultural area where originally, the indigenous grasses supported a large cattle industry. It is now the premier wine country in Australia, hosting over 50 wineries. The fertile soil and perfect weather caress the grapes and produces world-class wines. The region is home to the Queensland College of Wine Tourism that provides education relating to the burgeoning wine tourism business. The visitors to the college, can taste exquisite wines and enjoy snacks and meals at the bistro.

Besides touring the wineries, there is a host of other activities to occupy the visitor. The national parks provide the outdoorsman with hiking trails through virgin country, there is excellent freshwater fishing in rivers and streams and sailing on damned reservoirs. For motor tours, there are many scenic routes. The sunflower route takes the traveler through fields of golden sunflowers, routes through rolling hills feature heritage and history sites and fresh produce can be purchased from local growers. For those caravanning or planning on camping, national parks, campgrounds and caravan parks abound amidst rainforests, waterfalls, wildlife and birdlife with opportunities for boating, bush walking and fishing.

The Southern Downs region offers a variety of excellent accommodations from bed and breakfasts, hotels and motels to luxury resorts. A wide variety of dining is available and most meals are complemented by the areas fresh fruit, berries and olives.


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