Simple ways to train your memory


As people age, they often notice that their memory is declining. This gives many people a bad feeling. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to train your memory so you will remember things better and learn more.

Aging is associated with the lowering of the functionality of certain body functions. The memory is frequently below the rise in life. People start forgetting or fails with names, phone numbers or other things. For many people this make a bad feeling.

Usually we make the distinction between two types of memory: working memory or short-term memory and reference memory or long-term memory. Usually, the short-term memory weakens with age. The long-term memory, which enables us to remember important events for a long time, will usually perform better.

To keep the mind and memory sharp, it is necessary to continue the challenge. It is important to have interesting conversations and regularly to discuss issues that will make you “think”. Reading is an enriching activity for mind and ensures that people are aware of what is happening daily. You can try to challenge memory with puzzles or memory games. Crossword puzzles, sudoku puzzles and word finders are ideal relaxing puzzles that have a beneficial effect on memory and mind.

In order to stay mentally fresh is important to move a lot of time and relax. Much stress can lead to decreased functionality of the memory. Regular work or the particular stress situation helps mentally to find peace and the brains to recover from the effort. Exercise is important for blood circulation, and thus the supply of blood to the brains, too stimulate it. An easy bike ride, an invigorating walk or jog can do wonders!

It is ok from time to time to forget something! Try to avoid getting depressed if you forget something. Using a notebook, diary, reminder function on your cell phone can save you a lot of worry! For some more important stuff, such us warranties, important contacts, and details about everyday stuff you can use online data storage. If you are worried that you will forget to take something, put the stuff in a place where you will notice it for sure, such as your keys, or your handbag. Even routine daily activities can help to find mental peace and to deal with a reduced memory!