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Southbank Lifestyle Market in Brisbane

Southbank Lifestyle Market in Brisbane

There is something majestic about visiting a Midnight Market. A place where, locals and lovers alike, can take a stroll amidst live music and venders displaying their merchandise. The Southbank Market in Brisbane, Australia, is such a place. The Southbank Lifestyle Market is the premier choice for entertainment all weekend long. Festivities begin on Friday nights, and last well into Sunday evenings.

Merchants assemble lively booths arranging an assortment of handmade goods and exotic treats. Shoppers will find locally grown produce, designer labels, and unique one-of-a-kind baubles to choose from. Sneak a peek at wares displayed by up and coming local artists, or browse through goods from established brands. If you find yourself famished consume a few delicacy’s from food vendors hawking their wares.

This open air exchange is located in the heart of Brisbane’s cultural and recreational district. Dine it at one of the local restaurants, or share a drink or two at a pub. The Southbank Market, is located near the river, which holds a majesty all its own. The city of Brisbane invites all to come and explore the magic held in the market. The location makes this a perfect place for a romantic night out under the stars.

Debut artists are encouraged to display, their talents, to the very people that inspired their works. Renting a booth is a great way to establish a local following. The busy streets with cafes and galleries provide a steady stream of traffic. Mingle with the locals, and showcase your abilities. Event’s are scheduled every weekend to draw crowds from far and near.

The managers of Southbank Lifestyle Market have planned a variety of activities that will appeal to the community. The young Designers Market is being held on the first Sunday of every month. The market will host a Southbank Wine and Growers Market in the upcoming months, as well as, the Southbank Kids, Mums and Bubs market.

This market certainly demonstrates the vibrant lifestyle, and whimsical disposition that is Brisbane. Nearly two million residents reside in this great city, many of whom enjoy it’s subtropical climate with a night out on the town. With a market located in Queenland’s major performing venue it is no wonder where these residents will choose to keep time.

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