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Scientific research in Antarctica

Scientific research in Antarctica

Antarctica has long been a prime spot for scientific research. The United States first established bases there in 1957. Today, more than 14 different countries maintain research stations in Antarctica. Due to the climatic extremes and isolation, Antarctica is easily one of the most untouched regions on the earth. This makes it extremely valuable for

trip to Antarctica

Wildlife of Antarctica

Not many people get the chance to visit Antarctica, but those that do get to experience something they have never experienced before. Antarctica is full of whales, seals, penguins and many species of birds. The weather may be cold, but the summer months allow for more sunlight in the day. Cruises usually travel from the

Antartic Journey

Beautiful Antarctica

Antarctica is probably the least famous continents in the world.If you take a trip down south, this beautiful continent becomes an instant popular holiday destination for you. A look at photos from Antarctica gives an impression of what a lovely experience you will have if you take that trip.Antarctica is surrounded by an ocean,making it