The Narrow Road To Freedom

We are all inherently free. But, we are only as free as we want to be. Nowadays, it is not easy to achieve that. There are many kinds of freedom, from personal freedom to financial freedom, but personal freedom is what trumps all other shapes and forms of freedom. It is the most important type of freedom and, arguably, the hardest one to obtain because personal freedom is only up to us – it’s up to us to free ourselves, to unlock the chains in our minds that we have put there ourselves or that have been put there by society.

Social Conditioning and Unconsciousness – How Society Brainwashes Us

We all succumb to social conditioning, in one way or another. We follow rules and conventions that we are meant to follow, failing to ever ask ourselves why. Society confines and labels us and instead of celebrating diversity and individualism – it systematically dismantles it.

Society brainwashes and controls us, turns us into zombies who walk through life like walking through fog, unaware and unconscious. Society hypnotizes us and keeps us in a low-energy state of mind. It feeds us and bombards us with images, ideas and concepts that are meant to keep us in that state. We are being hypnotized with large quantities of information, through popular media, magazines, television and the film industry. We follow trends that turn us into ego-boosting addicts, borderline narcissists who take pictures of themselves and their lives the whole day, just so they can post it somewhere on the internet and get instant feedback and gratification that keeps feeding their illusion, helping it grow into a wild beast they will never be able to tame.

Reality television glorifies decadence, hedonism and immoral behavior and sets it as a standard for human behavior in general. Social media creates an abundance of digital narcissism. Magazines dictate the way we are supposed to look. Television tells us what to think. Society creates social norms that we have to follow in order to fit in and survive. Those norms are completely detrimental to our very existence.

However, none of this would be possible if we weren’t willing to absorb it all. We willingly and actively consume all of this information that is being fed to us, mostly out of fear of not fitting in and being rejected. In return, all of this creates a vicious cycle of negativity, traps our minds and damages our spirituality, while at the same time making it almost impossible to have any kind of freedom.

Is there a way out of this? Of course there is. Where there is a will, there’s a way. In order to achieve personal freedom or other forms of freedom, it is not necessary to go to Tibet or to live like a monk or a middle-eastern spiritual guru. Beauty, inspiration, love and light are always around us, we just fail to see them. This can only bring us to the conclusion that, in order to become free, we need to learn how to see those things. In short, we need to learn how to love life and everything that it brings, good and bad, unconditionally.

Lust For Life and Love For The Universe – The Narrow Road to Freedom

The Universe works in enigmatic ways. It gives us everything and yet it has the ability to take everything from us. Sometimes we are able to tap into that infinite source of energy and connect with it. When that happens, we feel as if that light is shinning on us, illuminating our spiritual beings.

There is, however, a way to connect to The Universe, a way to let ourselves turn into a meticulously structured, free-flowing entity capable of loving life and discovering beauty every day. In order to do that we need to reconnect with our spiritual being, elevate and free ourselves from the chains inside our minds.

Funnily enough, one of the easiest and most efficient ways to connect with who we really are is with the help of our bodies. Our bodies are vehicles that carry us through this world. They are elaborate machines that need proper fuel in order to function optimally. That fuel is exercise and diet. Exercise is what releases feel-good hormones in our brains and changes our brain chemistry, while diet influences, not only the way we look, but also the way we feel and think. That is the foundation of everything and an absolute necessity in one’s life.

Exercise and good food also help us be present in the moment. But, that is not all the help we need. That’s where things like meditation come in. Meditation is often times misunderstood and looked down upon as some sort of a passing new age fad, but we actually all meditate in one way or another. Some of us meditate by smoking a cigarette at the window, some of us meditate by listening to music, some of us meditate by running or spending time with our families. The point is – meditation is a state that we reach with our minds in which there are no thoughts and emotions. Meditating is just simply being. That is why we should all learn how to properly meditate and we should do it on a daily basis.

Once we learn how to do all of this we have to develop another skill. We need to learn how to love and appreciate what we have. Each time before going to bed we should thank our lucky stars for all the good that The Universe has given us. But, that is not where it ends. We need to be thankful for all the bad it has given us too. Bad things are free lessons and the perfect breeding ground for good things. Even flowers grow out of mud and dirt. Overcoming adversity and finding joy in doing it is key to happiness and freedom.

Will you free yourself or not? Do you want to become your best self or degenerate into an empty shell of a human being?
Only you can set yourself free. That is, paradoxically, the ultimate freedom.