Use Google Hangouts for Your Business

Google hangouts are important tools that many businesses use to promote their products and services. In the recent years Google has been updating the regular features of hangout features to meet the changing needs of their users. In the past there just used to be two types of hangouts i.e. the regular and extras. However, some other hangouts have been added to the regular type. The biggest benefit of using Google Hangouts with extras is to provide the hangout a title and name. This is the best Google hangout for business for those businesses that develop public hangouts.

Ways to Use Google Hangouts for business
There are different ways that businesses can use both pubic and private Google hangouts to promote their businesses.
How to use public Google hangouts

It can be used in book launches and giveaways.
Questions and answers discussing the most updated news and how the news affects the customers and their behaviors.
There is also Google for talent hangout that is used by businesses to have talent show with prizes.
How to use private Google hangouts for business

Google hangout for business with extra can be used in the business to share document creation and share whiteboard collaboration in business coaching and consultations.
They are also used in computer technical customer service by allowing you be able to troubleshoot problems in the computer while screen sharing.
Google hangout for business can also be used to make connections to client in the entire world to share information on weekly meetings and sharing of draft versions of contents. This is a more efficient way to share information instead of sending email.
Google hangouts for business can also be used to sponsor some of the business events. Google ripples can be utilized to carry out research the viral nature if the business Google hangouts before contacting them.
Getting started
The first thing is to ensure you have a Google account and a company page although this is an optional requirement. Then install the Google talk plugin that helps in communication. After this then log in to the Google account and then click the link showing the start your own hangout found in the right column of the page. Look at the top right corner and make selection of the personal account or business page you would like to use to host this Google hangout. If you have many cameras or microphones that are connected to the computer make selection of the one that you would like to use first. Then you can invite the whole circle, individuals or select public.
Tips to have successful hangouts

Have enough time to practice how to use new features before starting to use them.
Develop a list of individual you would like to invite by placing all of them in the circle and then invite the circle.
Then create all the documents that you would like to share ahead of time in the Google docs in order to put the in the Google hangout easily.