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Useful tips before traveling

Clothing, Hair & Footwear:

  • Start with your basic travel wardrobe. Once you’ve selected your items, lay them all out.
  • Most of Clothing Labels are PAIN in the Neck! Use a seam ripper to carefully remove the label, and tweezers to extract any stray bits of thread remaining once the label is removed.
  • Never wear new shoes on a trip, otherwise your feet and blisters will kill you. It’s a good idea to take a spare pair of shoes or slippers That can help with sore feet.
  • Do not put chunky hair clip on the back of your head,  you won’t be able to rest your had during travel.
  • Buy light west-jacket with big pockets to place all small items when you going through security gate.
  • Wearing your bulkiest layers you can keep your suitcase light.

Carry On Bag & Security Screenings

  • Chose a lightweight, spinner wheel model Suitcase
  • Do not overload your travel baggage ”because you can”!
  • Make sure your laptop is charged enough to turn on if a security officer asks you to.
  • Have your laptop / tablet / mobile phone fully charged before you leave
  • Remove all large metal objects from your body and place them in your carry-on or west-jacket with big pockets  (your watch and jewelry, key rings with keys, money-coins, glasses…)

Don’t be running late for your flight!